Hung seizoen 2
Hung seizoen 2

Hung seizoen 2

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10 afleveringen | Komedie | 2010 | 30 min | | Beschikbaar t/m 31-12-2018 | € 0

Thomas Jane stars in the hit HBO comedy series Hung. As Season 2 begins, Ray Drecker, now coaching baseball, is looking down the barrel of massive teacher layoffs (including his own) at the high school, making the success of his side business all the more important. As Ray weighs a variety of new-client options -- and even considers adding a fellow John (!) to help him keep up with demand -- Tanya and Lenore continue to lock horns in their efforts to control Ray’s growing (pun intended) career. Meanwhile, Ray’s ex-wife Jessica, shaken after being stood up in a hotel room by Lenore’s gigolo (who turned out to be Ray) in the Season 1 finale, has reached a new emotional crossroad. Unsatisfied with the bland domestic life she’s leading with her current hubby, philandering dermatologist Ronnie Haxon, she’s also concerned about the growing interdependence of her moody teen twins, Damon and Darby. Eventually, she turns to a familiar face to help her navigate through these emotional and physical doldrums. EPISODE 1: Ray’s new co-partnership with Tanya and Lenore starts inauspiciously when he "holds back" during a tryst with a pregnant client named Claire, so he turns to Tanya for some advice. Later, Ray and other teachers picket the school in anticipation of summer layoffs. Jessica, already filled with doubts about her marriage to Ronnie and refusing to take calls from Lenore after her experience with the no-show gigolo (Ray), is stung by criticism from Darby and Damon. Looking to get an edge on Lenore and win back Ray’s trust, Tanya ventures into a tough neighborhood for some liberating pimping advice from a real pro.
Hung seizoen 2

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